The Art of Mixing & Matching Jewelry

Your attire works hard to portray your stylish image. Shouldn’t your matching jewelry do the same? Matching and mixing ornaments is a popular trend and a simple way to walk out the door really stunning. Accessorizing jewelry is an art and it is as fun and challenging as putting together an entire ensemble.

The Art of Mixing & Matching Jewelry

There are several aspects such as the kind of ring you are going to wear ( cz stone engagement ring, emerald ring, pearl ring) to what type of wristwear should be on your hand ( bracelet, bangle and watch).


Proven Formula to Mix & Match Jewelry

  • The very first thing girls need to do is to look through your vanity and find a pair of cz earrings, or a necklace that always makes you fell really good. Select one item that is the standout piece and then try to wear other ornaments around that jewelry piece.


  • When it comes to mixing different metals don’t feel limited. You can mix and match all different kinds of metals together and they will be cohesive. While mixing metals and colors in jewelry, you should make it seem as if it was calculated to achieve a stylish and trendy look.


  • Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color in a sea of gold and silver colored bracelets. Mixing in colorful woven or beaded bracelets is a fantastic way to enhance your look and make your pieces appear more fashionable and less boring.


Final Thoughts

Whether it is gold, silver or cubic zirconia, ornaments act as a form of expression of who you are. You simply need to be aware of your complexion, outfit and occasion while mixing your jewelry and retain that cool, matching look you were going for from the get-go.


Mass Market Appeal of Environmental-Friendly CZ Stones

Lab-grown diamonds and cubic zirconia stones are eco-friendly and this turns out to be one of the biggest selling points. Interestingly, a growing number of consumers are placing a greater preference on ethically produced wholesale gemstones. Synthetic CZ stones are eco-friendly, conflict-free and significantly lower in price than naturally mined diamonds.


Original diamonds are mined from the ground, which can have a negative impact on the environment such as soil erosion and deforestation. Today’s buyres are showing less desire to purchase mined diamonds than previous generation and showing preference to buy gemstone for sale that are produced with sustainability and ethics in mind.

For their mass market appeal, the synthetic gemstones for sale business has seen a swell of interest from designers, manufacturers and jewelers over the past year. This completely earth-friendly and conflict-free gemstone is less expensive and more durable than the traditional diamond. Interestingly, they are often more beautiful with more sparkle than traditional gemstones because they don’t contain the impurities that are a by-product of gem formation within the Earth itself. Synthetic gemstones are able to be identified and differentiated from mined gemstones because they are too perfect.

With the advent of human technology, now it is possible to artificially recreate these scarce natural stones inside the controlled environment of laboratories. The range of synthetic gemstones is popularly referred to as Peridot CZ where CZ stands for Cubic Zirconia. The variety of artificial gemstones possesses identical physical, chemical and optical properties as compared to its natural counterparts.

It is practically impossible for even an expert jeweler to identify cubic zirconia from natural gemstones without using necessary tools. Advent of these man-made products has obviously provided a significant boost to the jewelry market. Considering the huge commercial prospect of these items, a number of Chinese manufacturers are dedicatedly catering to the global customer base.

Finest Ring Shape & Stone that will Give you Fashion Edge

According to the fashion experts, a perfect fit is the single most vital element of a ring and if it is an engagement ring, there is no room for error. This is the main reason different types of gemstone rings could give you the fashion-edge over others. In this blog, we are giving you idea about some of the finest gemstone ring shape.


  • The Halo Ring

halo-ring-squareThe halo ring is a setting that encircles a center gemstone in a collection of round pavé or micro-pavé diamonds (or faceted color gemstones). These pavé stones flash with light and focus attention back on the center stone to create interest and draw people’s gaze to your ring. Halo designs featuring traditional round and cushion shaped diamonds are especially sought after, perhaps because of their romantic vintage-inspired look, or because of the way a halo of accent diamonds makes a center diamond appear larger.



  • Tourmaline Gemstone Ring

gTourmaline gemstone is a semi-precious mineral stone well known for its incredible ability to aid in the detoxification process of the human body. Scientifically, tourmaline is not a single mineral, but a group of minerals related in their physical and chemical properties. Tourmalines have a wide variety of exciting colors with one of the widest color ranges of any gem.



  • Alexandrite Gemstone Ring

alexandrite-timeless-ring-2186r-white_gold-topOften described by gem aficionados as “emerald by day, ruby by night,” alexandrite is the very rare color-change variety of the mineral chrysoberyl. It displays a color change (alexandrite effect) dependent upon the nature of ambient lighting. It is green in daylight, and light red in artificial incandescent light. To accentuate this peculiar character the stone must be cut of a certain thickness, the difference in colour being much less marked in a stone cut with little depth


All these ring ideas will surely help you to upgrade your jewelry collection and give you a stunning look.

How Customization Options Make CZ Diamonds More Popularity

Mined diamonds have a long history of being highly-valued and sought after by most individuals. But over the years, their price has skyrocketed and now, natural diamonds have turned out to be extremely precious. This is the primary reason, synthetic cz diamonds gems are getting so much of attention. Cubic zirconia is not real and is not a diamond, though it is difficult for the naked eye to tell the difference between a cubic zirconia and a diamond. It is a stone that is as brilliant as a diamond but much more affordable.

How Customization Options Make CZ Diamonds More Popularity

Keeping aside the affordability factor, synthetic cz stones for jewelry and  cz diamond gems look exactly same to the original one. Synthetic cz stones are crystallographically isometric and simulate a diamond with remarkable likeness. Synthetic diamonds are lab-created diamonds, which are chemically, optically and visually similar to mined diamonds. They are ‘real’ diamonds, with the main exception being that they were created in a lab.

In terms of color, variety and price, synthetic cz stone offer a whole host of options for the buyers. In the opinion of the jewelry experts, lab-created cubic zirconia has been available for decades, and its popularity continues to soar as savvy buyers discover the beauty and quality in these glittery, perfectly-cut synthetic stones. These stones are absolutely ideal for bulk buying as distributors tend to offer great discounts to the bulk buyers. Another interesting aspect of synthetic cz stone is, as a buyer, you get the option of purchasing loose cz stone and put it in your favorite ornaments.

It is the customization option that will prove to be a major market driver for the lab-made cz gemstone industry. Jewelry lovers are now showing preference to the items they can customize, and no other gemstone gives better customization option than synthetic cz gemstone. Like diamonds, the precious cubic zirconia (CZ) gems need to be cleaned to maintain their original brilliance and luster. Many variables in our surrounding can dull the shine of precious gems such as body lotion, perfume, hairspray, perspiration, or just simply, normal everyday wear.

Lab-Made Diamond Jewelry Option That Will Not Burn Your Pocket

Top-quality natural gemstones are immensely expensive and most of them are way beyond the reach of most of the people. This is reason high-end lab created diamonds are becoming quickly popular among jewelry lovers. Synthetic diamonds are made with a modest amount of resources and created inside laboratories with no adverse impact on the environment. Another fantastic thing is, jewelry lovers can easily upgrade their clarity, color and even the size of their lab-grown diamond.

lab made diamond rings Elegant Lab Created Diamond Rings Lab made diamond jewelry why it s

Lab-created manmade diamonds are actually not the same as diamond simulants. They’re identical in quality – The same high standards used to grade natural diamonds are implemented to assess manmade diamonds as well. In fact, lab-grown diamonds possess the same physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds—the difference is indistinguishable even under a microscope. 

Jewelry trends change quite rapidly. The design that is on vogue today may become old a day after tomorrow. The biggest problem with the expensive original diamond jewelry is that you can’t change the design with the changing fashion trends as it will a huge amount of money and how many times you are going to alter the design. On the other hand, cheap CZ diamonds gems can easily be replaced without burning your pocket. They are artificially created in a lab from as many as ten elements, and while they are structurally different from diamonds, they bear most of their visual characteristics.

The stigma around buying man-made diamonds and synthetic gemstones is disappearing quickly thanks to the information available on the internet regarding the making process and their chemical compositions that are similar to the original natural gemstones. The truth is, lab-grown stones are made from a tiny diamond fragment and have the same physical structure and chemical composition as a diamond that has been mined from the ground. The high-quality CZ diamond gems of the modern age are far more gorgeous and attractive thanks to the advanced and sophisticated process used in the lab for creating them.

The Historical Version About the Origin of Wedding Ring

When you wear a wedding ring it represents to everyone the importance and significance of your commitment to each other and your commitment to your marriage. A ring isn’t a fail-proof safeguard against infidelity, and it’s certainly a simple first line of defense. Wearing a ring subtly communications the message that, “I’m married. I’m committed. My marriage matters to me.”


The Interesting Story Behind Wedding Ring

The story of wearing your wedding ring on the left hand can be traced back to ancient times. In that era, the Romans believed that the vein in the ring finger (the fourth finger) on the left hand ran directly to one’s heart. Because of this belief, they called that vein the “vena amoris” or vein of love. The diamond claimed its place as the primary token of love toward the end of the 15th century, when Austrian Archduke Maximilian gave the first diamond engagement ring to his betrothed. Naturally, to solidify a union based on love, they’d place the ring on that finger that housed the vein of love to signify the romance the newly married couple shares.

Names of the Wedding Rings Throughout History

  • Puzzle Rings
  • Gimmel Rings
  • Poesy Rings
  • Thimbles

Engagement rings and wedding rings are both symbols of love, but they are different and cannot be treated as the same. They have different meanings, styles, and costs. The contemporary wedding ring is slightly more stylized than the simple wedding band, which usually has a super simplistic design. It may include diamonds set all the way around it, or decorative metal work.

If you’re in the middle of planning a wedding, select an online jewelry store so that you can discover the wedding rings and bands you’d like in the comfort of your own home. That way, you won’t get overwhelmed by the array of glittery gems and you can make sure you get the wedding rings and bands you truly want.

With Classy CZ Jewelry there is Something to Fit Every Personality

Jewelry reveals a person’s style, character and spirit, restrained or flamboyant, classic or casual, easygoing or rebellious. The accessories on your neck, wrists and fingers tell people who you are almost at the first sight. The year 2018 witnessed a surge in spectacular loose CZ jewelry. With reptilian CZ stone bracelets, bib collars and more thrown into the mix, there is definitely something to fit every personality.


A modern and chick woman can elevate her style quotient with many different ways and wearing glamorous loose CZ ornaments is one of them. Style experts suggest to select your faves and combines them with your smile to naturally look polished and stylish. Cubic Zirconia jewelry has the power to transform even the most basic outfit into a bold and classic ensemble. With the sleek accessories, you can elevate your appearance.

When looking for ways to hone your style, consider having a signature jewelry piece created with the wholesale lab created gems that you wear constantly. There are many ways to achieve this:

  • Stick with one type and don’t be afraid to add a colorful woven bracelet to create a more unique look.
  • Be loyal with your favorite element, gold, silver or platinum and like pins or bracelets and you can dress up your look with different metals and different widths.
  • Select your style according to the season, occasion, your mindset and sometimes mix match everything you like. If you have long hair a great tip is to select a metal finish which is more likely to be visible, depending on your hair color.
  • And the last suggestion would be to stick to one piece, wearing it everywhere and anywhere. Choosing one type of jewelry and sticking to it will really help hone your signature look.

Different types of CZ gem ornaments act as a form of expression of who you are. It is the right selection that is the most important factor in order to retain that cool, matching look you are wanting from the get-go.