Jewelers Depending on Synthetic Gemstones to Attract Larger Section of Consumers

Just because synthetic gemstones are not natural gems, a small section of consumers does not seriously consider about these products. As such, these products invariably appear to be as attractive and as alluring as their natural counterparts. The range of artificial gemstones possesses the same intensity as natural gems and at most of the times it is indeed hard for a jewelry expert to distinguish between the two. To identify natural and genuine gemstones from their synthetic variety even an expert needs help of sophisticated tools and devices. In fact, the global jewelry industry relies on artificial gemstones in making almost 80 per cent of its products these days. It is rather easy to manufacture synthetic gemstones to customized specifications. To achieve this laboratories require using correct ingredients and ideal manufacturing conditions.

synthetic stones for jewelry

Artificial grade of these products usually come out as hard and durable. Moreover, these are available in a range of exceptional shades and sparkle. Compared to the mining cost of the natural gemstones, these man-made products can be manufactured at peanuts of a price inside the laboratories. Some of the common procedures used to produce artificial gemstones include dissolve expansion, solution growth and high pressure, etc. With improvement of technology, the list of synthetic stones for jewelry is steadily getting longer. The most commonly used synthetic gemstones in the jewelry industry include Cubic Zirconia (CZ), Yttrium Aluminum Garnet, Cristinite and Corundum.

Natural gemstones have been exorbitantly expensive since the historic times. Thus, only a handful of people could actually afford the assortment of expensive merchandises. Contrastingly, the advent of artificial gems has introduced new range of buyers in the market. Commercial prospect of the entire jewelry industry has received a significant boost with the launching of synthetic gemstones into the market. Interestingly, the range of man-made products is not only used in jewelry making. Actually, the variety of products is widely used across a number of other fields, which include microelectronics, communications technology, optics and laser technology, etc. Business for the category of artificial gemstones manufacturers is flowing in from all directions.