The Varied Grades of Loose Cubic Zirconia Stones

Cubic zirconia stones are the most popular variety of diamond substitutes. These are bright and brilliant like diamonds but are cheaper and heavier than the original one. This is a manufactured variety and is internally flawless. The quality of these lab created gemstones vary just like diamonds. Hence, while purchasing loose cubic zirconia stones you must look into the quality and not only the price.

Loose Cubic Zirconia Stones

How can its Quality be Measured?

Before buying cubic zirconia gemstones, one should definitely look into the quality of the stones meticulously. The same 4C scale for grading diamonds is used while making CZ stones also. The 4Cs include Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat.

Carat Weight of CZ

A Cubic Zirconia stone with the same dimensions as that of a diamond weighs 1.7 times heavier than the diamond. When the weight is referred to in case of a CZ, it is actually compared to an original diamond of the same size. This has been done so that the comparison can be made easy and accurate between both the gemstones. Sometimes, CZs are measured in terms of stone size instead of carat weight.

Clarity of CZ

Loose cubic zirconia stones are manufactured in the laboratory because the major component contained in the stone is not found naturally. Though these synthetic stones are internally flawless, sometimes manufacturing in poor conditions render imperfections within the stones. Colored variety of these gemstones have sometimes appeared in uneven tones or shades. Hence, the most evenly colored and clearest stones are most expensive.

The Third C of Cubic Zirconia

The third C is the cut of CZs. The stone can be either machine cut or hand-cut. The ones that feature clear and even facets are considered to be the best in quality. The standard cut is the brilliant cut which is also known as the round brilliant. However, the stones are available in other cuts like princess, marquise, oval and many more. The hand-cut gemstones have the highest quality because they are precise and polished nicely. They radiate the sparkle of a diamond.

4th C Stands for Color

The Cubic Zirconia is a clear stone when manufactured under controlled conditions in a good manufacturing facility. Oxides and elements are introduced into the stones during the manufacturing process. The best quality CZ has even tone and color. The colored variety is also available at a cheap price.

Grading Cubic Zirconia Stones

While buying these synthetic stones, you must judge by the parameters provided by the grading authority. These can also be graded according to another assessment system which provides 5 As in case the stone is of very high quality and in descending order thereafter. The lowest in terms of grade is denoted as AB. Majority of stones sold in the market belong to the AAA category which is basically medium in nature.

Thus, following the grading system for CZ can be beneficial for the buyer. You will know how to find the best quality gemstones and also know about the ‘A’ grading mechanism. This will help you in making an informed choice during purchase.


8 Attention-Grabbing Attributes of Handy Online Cheap CZ Stone

Cubic zirconia has turned out to be a blessing in disguise for those thriving for luxurious elegance added with no pocket-pinch. Discovered by some of the intelligent human mind, its inclusion has actually intensified commercial success of the entire jewelry industry. So much so that, wedding couples doesn’t thinks twice before settling for the same. Today, almost every single fashion receptive individual is found to be mesmerized with its variety and magnanimous quality. However, among many there are eight most compelling traits for the growing want to collect these “man-made diamonds”, precisely, cheap CZ stone. Those are:wholesaleloosecz

  1. Appeal and attractiveness of these substitute gemstones are nowhere less compared to diamonds, sapphires, etc.
  2. Resilience and hardiness as and when compared in Moh’s scale has proved to be higher to its natural counterparts too.
  3. Scratch-resistant factor is an obvious requirement for every other gemstone lover. No wonder, this factor is a popularizing reason even.
  4. Now, there is yet another necessity of the product being hypoallergenic to skin. Cubic zirconia is added with this feature. Hence, it is wearable by one and all.
  5. People belonging to every other profession can ideally go for it with complete confidence. Thankfulness of which needs to be bestowed to its reliability and durability factor.
  6. Here comes the solving query for, from where and how to obtain these synthetic loose gems. Off course, the reputed and dignified online stores.
  7. Impressive discounts and offers conferred through these online portals enable a person to end the deal in a prolific affordable way.
  8. Idea to get attached with ultimate wonders of easier and quicker mode of collecting loose cubic zirconia has thus been made possible by these shops.

Above mentioned traits are some stronger and dominating factors behind the blooming market for this range of synthetic gemstones. In a way, it awesomely essays the qualitative aspects of such products too. On being added with wider and diversified stockpile of these online portals, adorability factor of these products, got impressively enhanced and expanded too.