Synthetic Gemstones & Its Contributions to the Society

Gemstones that are synthetically manufactured in the labs are created using the identical constituents and compositions as their natural counterparts. The variety of items possesses the same chemical, physical and optical properties as those mined from the earth’s crust. Moreover, the artificial range comes with fewer flaws, lighter carbon footprint and cost much lesser, too.

Synthetic Gemstones & Its Contributions to the Society

Gemstones when used in jewelry contribute to making the latter more colorful, romantic and personal as well. The range of precious gemstones certainly reveals the worldly prosperity of a wearer. However, since the historic times, only a handful of folks could afford these priceless items. Thanks to the advent of technology, synthetic gemstones are easily affordable for everyone, including the lesser mortals.

Manufacturing of synthetic gemstones is done through processes similar to what the nature does inside the earth’s crust over millions of years. Moreover, it takes very short period of time and a fraction of mining cost to manufacture the products. The difference between the two varieties is so marginal that even seasoned jewelers often fail to distinguish between the two without using those sophisticated tools and gadgets.

The actual difference between the two categories of gems lies in degrees of inclusions. The natural variety invariably comes with lots of inclusions, resulting from the crystallization process. Gases and other minerals present during the molten stage of the would-be crystal result into formation of the inclusions. Whereas, the synthetic variety is manufactured in a steady, controlled process, the number of inclusions in these is much fewer.

The craze to buy lab-created gemstones is steadily rising across the market. There are many proficient manufacturers across this sector, which are capable of delivering premium range of synthetic gems at unbelievably reasonable price. The assortment of merchandise never taxes the nature in the way mining of natural gemstones does. In fact, introduction of the range of products has redefined prospect for the jewelry industry. These products have extensive application across a number of domains including communications technology, optometry, laser technology and others.


Customizing Lab-Grown Gemstones to Perfection

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Unprecedented progress of human technology in the recent times has made it possible to create synthetic gemstones in laboratories. Interestingly, these man-made products usually retain all the physical, chemical and optical properties of their respective natural counterpart. This indeed is a revolutionary achievement. Original gemstones are rarely occurred in nature and are exorbitantly costly. With the advent of artificial range of gemstones, now it is possible for almost everyone to purchase and use these items.

Manufacturing of these synthetic items started in the late 1800s with the artificial production of synthetic Ruby. The technological achievement has indeed opened up newer avenues of opportunity for the jewelry industry. However, synthetic gemstones have wide application across different sectors other than the jewelry industry. These are extensively used in various branches of science including communications technology, microelectronics, optics and laser technology, etc.

The range of synthetic gemstones can easily be customized to specifications. In other words, these can be made to be of consistent crystalline shapes and desired shades, provided one uses the correct ingredients and ensures other factors along with adequate time. However, the fundamental differences between the naturally grown items and their synthetic counterparts are so thin that even expert jewelers often get confused in identifying the real ones from the fakes.

There are innumerable competent manufacturers of these artificial gems who are involved in commercial manufacturing. These manufacturing houses cater to their vast clientele across the virtual world of the internet. An increasing number of customers prefer to buy lab grown gems online because of competent pricing and easy shipping facility.

In most countries including the US, it is considered deceptive practice if the origin of a synthetic gemstone is not categorically mentioned by the manufacturer throughout the distribution channel during its sale. There are several statutory organizations, like the International Colored Gemstone Association and the World Jewelry Confederation, etc. that have formulated standard guidelines for their members regarding disclosing information about the origin of synthetic gemstones.

With the craze to buy CZ loose gemstone going viral, commercial prospect of the artificial gemstone manufacturers seems to be impressive. The advent of online trade has enabled these businesses to reach out to global clients conveniently. State-of-the-art facilities available at their labs prove helpful for these commercial establishments in producing premium quality of artificial gemstones.