Why China is the Largest Supply Point of CZ Gemstones

With the backing of the technical advancements in the field of artificial gem manufacturing, China has become a market leader in manufacturing and exporting lab-created cz gemstones. A global hub for jewelry manufacturing, China has captured the attention of the global gem and jewelry industry.

Why China is the Largest Supply Point of CZ Gemstones

Wholesale retailers and popular online jewelry brands source high-quality cubic zirconia gemstones from China. The cz gem industry is one of the pillar industries of this country. Along with the rapid development and technology innovation, the cz gem manufacturing sector has reached an insurmountable height.

According to a recent industry survey, it is the semi-precious stone industry particularly cubic zirconia stones are leading the list of China sourcing. Chinese cities such as Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Guangzhou has been at the forefront of producing high-end cubic zirconia stones and other luxury products. Whether it is mounted or set, loose or wholesale, you can source cz stones of all varieties from China.

An interesting thing is cubic zirconia gemstones are not only popular for making jewelry but they also have a high demand for use in clothing, accessories, leather goods, toys, textile industry, in optics and other ornamental uses. The use of synthetic stones in several other sectors is growing at a rapid speed and they are fastly becoming the number one choice of stone.

Fashion experts are of the opinion that the most crucial factor behind the soaring popularity of lab-created CZ stones is they can be worn for any occasion and anytime. A wearer doesn’t have to compromise with the style that is, of course, a burden with the highly expensive ornaments. The good news is that you can start building your collection of everyday jewelry without spending high. More affordable prices, which are only seen dropping further over time, have already prompted budget shoppers to opt for the lab-created cubic zirconia gemstones.


Why Synthetic CZ Stones are Prime Choice for Imitation Ornament

Adoring a wife or girlfriend with jewelry is a time-honored tradition. But diamonds can often be too much expensive. So what is the way? Buy lab created cz gemstones, they will give you the flavor of diamonds without their hefty price tag. Keep your personal appearance in mind while buying jewelry. Just because a particular style looks good on a model or on your friend, does not mean that it will suit you. For instance, if you have a wide jaw and you want to choose jewelry that doesn’t call attention to this, look for necklaces with long pendant lariat and long earrings.

Why Synthetic CZ Stones are Prime Choice for Imitation Ornament

Cubic zirconia is not a diamond. It is a diamond simulant. In terms of appearance, synthetic cz stones for jewelry looks identical with a diamond. One of the defining features of CZ stone is they contain no carbon and entirely created in a lab.

Apart from their cheap price, lab created cz gemstones come with a variety of other features such as:

  • Available in various colors and hence can be used for various purposes
  • Suitable for every skin because these are hypoallergenic
  • Since it is created artificially, cubic zirconia doesn’t have any inclusions
  • Easily accessible through reputed online stores
  • Bracelet, rings, earrings, even for wedding and gift purpose, people are availing lab created cz stones.
  • Can be worn by people of every professional because these are scratch resistance
  • Cz stones are also available in various shapes like round, heart, oval, octagon, pear etc.


Key moments of your life should be cherished with a gift that both of you can talk about for the rest of your life. So the selection of the present should be based keeping in mind her taste and mentality. Whether you’re buying a gift or treating yourself, purchase lab-created stone jewelry from a trusted jeweler, who discloses what your stone is and how to care for it.

Invent Marvelous Luster of Online CZ Stones for Jewelry

Crystallographic isometric form of zirconium oxide plays an active role in the jewelry industry these days. Rather, it is seen that the commercial advancement of this sector is highly dependent on its demand. Also defined by the name cubic zirconia, trend setting ornament lover are considering it as a perfect replacement to diamond.

cubic zirconia stones for jewelry

Captivating features of any jewelry item gets enhanced with proper incorporation of gemstones. This is the reason why, people simply loves to get adorned with such fascinating beauty. However, precious price range of diamond, sapphire and various other naturally obtained gems used to be an obvious hurdle to get along with such exquisiteness. Ever since the implementation of cubic zirconia stones for jewelry they are capable of fulfilling their wish to acquire elegant astuteness.

CZ synthetic gems may have been created by mankind at some upgraded laboratories. But each of its characteristic features is responsible for stapling it with the magical phrase, “man-made diamonds.” From being hypoallergenic to skin, biocompatible to maximum durability, these substitute items has them all. As a result of which, people with sensitive skin can wear the same too. Furthermore, person belonging to every other occasion and profession can also adhere to its beauty facets.

Easy availability of top-notch CZ loose stones at some of the reputed online stores plays an active role too. Need for custom-cut products have also been fulfilled due to such awesome development. Again, mentionable discounts on bulk collection, several choices in respect of colors, sizes and shapes or flexible delivery option that these stores proudly beholds, has made things appreciable. Combined with all these fantastic attributes, need to design some really gorgeous jewelry pieces got easier and quicker.