Fascinating Things to Be Known about Different Types of Bracelets

The bracelet is one of the oldest forms of fashion statement that complements the wrist of both men and women. A bracelet is worn for various purposes such as fashion statement, religious purpose, adornment, and medical purpose.

History of Bracelet

About 7,000 years ago archaeologists have discovered evidence that people from Mesopotamia, Egypt, and China. In the ancient era, bracelets were mainly worn for religious purpose and later the affixation of the stone bracelet was the symbol of wealth, style and status. The term bracelet originated from Greek work ‘Brachille’. People of Egypt used to wear stone, bone and wooden bracelets. In Latin America, the gold, red coral, and black bracelet were worn for small children to protect them from evil energy. In Asian countries, the bracelet was the symbol of virtues and marital status.

Styles of bracelets in the modern era

In the 21st century, bracelet has become the constant fashion trend for both men and women. Today single loop bracelet, stone bracelet, bangle handcuffs, and anklets are worn.

  1. Stone Wire Bangle Bracelet: The CZ stone Wire Bangle Bracelets are solid hand wear that tends to fit loose on your wrist. These types of the bracelet are made with a group of bangles fixing together with wires. The stone on this hand wear is often studded on metals or wires. These bracelets also give a soothing clinging sound while moving your hand. You can wear this bracelet at a dinner party or a date.NATURAL-STONE-WIRE-BANGLE-BRACELETS-22-WB0866-GLMML

  2. Stone Cuff Bracelet: These classy bracelets are made up of precious metals like gold and silver studded with gemstone. Cuff bracelets are wide and fit snugly to the wrist with clasps and snaps. This bracelet got popularity during the period of the queen of Egypt, Cleopatra. You can wear this bracelet in wedding parties and other rich ceremonies.s_5777de94b4188e153f02b16c

  3. Stone Charm Bracelets: This bracelet carries the charm of jewelry wearer. The Italian Charm Bracelet is made with several designs, motifs, and the surface of the link. Some people wear it for a religious purpose. You can wear this in a casual meet up or hang out with friends.m_59486a289c6fcf13eb00a5db

  4. Stone Tubular Bracelet: Generally Tubular Bracelet is made of precious metal like gold, platinum, and silver studded with CZ stone in the center. These types of bracelets provide a formal and official look to you. You can wear this bracelet in office and formal parties.gold-sleek-and-tubular-bracelet-1

    Final Thoughts

    The different bracelets have various origin and stories behind the style statement. From ancient time to modern era the charm of the bracelet is increasing day by day to harmonize the beauty of your wrist.


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