Learn about the Grades & Functionality of the Cubic Zirconia Stones

Cubic Zirconia stone is not a gemstone found from earth crust or mines. It is a lab-made gemstone that is crafted with machine cuts, hand cuts, color tinting and shape modification process by gemologists and synthetic stone manufacturers. CZ gemstone is made of Zirconium Oxide and it is used as the substitute of diamond and other natural stones. However, you need to identify whether the Cubic Zirconia stone is real or fake. Several duplicates of CZ gems are available in the market nowadays. Whenever you are purchasing a loose CZ stone from the online or offline store, get acquainted with the grade and rating system of the gemstone. However, each grade of Cubic Zirconia has different functions.

What are the grades of Cubic Zirconia?

5mm-flawless-grade-aaaaa-cubic-zirconia-loose-round-cz-stone-lot-CZ stones are rated from A to AAAAA. The lowest quality stone is graded with A and highest grade is determined with AAAAA. The looks, color, and the price of all the graded stone are not similar to each other. You need to understand the difference and purchase a quality lab made CZ stone. The variables of the rating system of CZ stones are Cut, Clarity, Carat, and Color.

Functions of different grades of Cubic Zirconia

There are multiple grades of CZ gemstone that helps shoppers to know about the quality of the stone.

1. ‘A’ Grade Stones

This is the lowest quality grade of Cubic Zirconia that is used by artists and craftsmen for embellishing different creations. The A-rated gemstones are not fine jewelry grade, but they can be used for popular artworks by artists. If you are purchasing it for jewelry, then it is suggested not buy such low-grade stone.

2. AAA Grade Stones

The ‘AAA’ graded CZ stones are more polished than ‘A’ grade gemstone. They are made with more shine and luster but do not have the level of finishing like ‘AAAAA’ rate CZ stone. Some grain lines and polish marks can be seen on the body of this Cubic Zirconia stone. Mass market manufacturers need this stones to create reasonable price jewelry that is set on gold and silver plated mountings. You may find this type of stones in general merchandise chains, line retailers, and online networks. To make a less budget plan, you can purchase this type of CZ grade stones.

3. AAAAA Grade Stones

The ‘AAAAA’ grade CZ stones are crafted with the best stone cutters and manufacturers try to bring high luster on this gemstone, so that it resembles Diamond and other natural stones. This high-quality Cubic Zirconia stone jewelry can be used at different functions and you can purchase it at an affordable price.

Final Thoughts

You may purchase a Cubic Zirconia stone for different purposes such as making crafts, dealing with a stone jewelry business and making jewelry, but the prime things to consider are the grades, quality, color, clarity, certification, carat and weight of the gems.



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